This is the story of five men, a yacht, and a remote Arctic island with a volcano.  

Integrity was built in England in 2012 using time honoured, traditional wooden boat techniques, and is based on Victorian yacht design from 1880. Apart from the engine, this gentlemen’s cutter is true to the age and crafted for true sailing expeditions.

On 18 May 2019 Integrity will set out from Husavik in Iceland, sailing 325 miles north to the island of Jan Mayen, where some of our crew will land and attempt to climb the Beerenberg volcano. This voyage is the first in a series of high latitude adventures for Integrity, and the gentlemen who sail her.

When intrepid men and women sought to discover what lay beyond the next mountain range, the desert dune, the densest jungle, or the ocean horizon, many perished in their tracks. Others survived, becoming towering examples of human endeavour. Names such as Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen, Kingsley, Nansen, Peary and Livingston will all be familiar to most. While these Integrity expeditions may not discover anything new, we live in an age, the Anthropocene, where the opportunity to see the world as it was, may be quickly diminishing. Integrity allows us to enter this fragile environment in the most gentle way, to record and experience its fading beauty before it is gone. 

A gentlemen’s adventure.

Sketch by Jon Jackson of Greenland Fishery Project