Voyage Victualling

Victualling – keeping crew warm, fed and watered –  is a tricky job at the best of times. You need to take account of the number of crew, the length of voyage, dietary constraints, the distance to resupplying ports and storage capacity on board. In days gone by, when crews numbered in the hundreds and voyages lasted for several years, provisions would account for a large part of the ship’s ballast and it wasn’t uncommon to share the voyage with sheep, goats and pigs.

Arthur slicing onions on Integrity

Although we drew the line at livestock, victualling Integrity for this first gentlemen’s adventure was not without its problems. Integrity was planned to sail on several voyages totalling over 250 man days from Husavik in north Iceland – a country famed not only for its volcanoes and rugged landscape, but also for its exorbitant prices. Not surprising really as almost everything is imported.

It soon became clear that sending the bulk of the provisions by sea was going to be the most cost-effective solution. A pallet was duly constructed and loaded with non-perishable food purchased from Suma, the West Yorkshire-based co-operative along with coal, peat, climbing and fishing gear, collapsible water containers and survival rations. The pallet did eventually make its way to Húsavík after spending several unaccountable weeks in customs at Reykjavík.

Provisions will be supplemented by the 3kg flight allowance and perishable foods such as dairy products and vegetables will be bought in Iceland at one of the ‘budget’ supermarkets.

The next job will be finding space on board Integrity for all this stuff. And then of course there is the question of who’s going to cook. That’s probably the subject of another post though.

Chris Miller Esq. – May 2019

Preparing the pallet for the Jan Mayen Voyage

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