Earlier Expeditions to Jan Mayen

There have been many expeditions to Jan Mayen since 1614, and our research into previous trips brought us all the way to…Bristol.

On June 25 1938 a young geologist, Donald Ashby, left England for Tromso in Norway on an Imperial College expedition to carry out a geological survey of Jan Mayen. 70 years later, at Bristol University, artist Milo Newman discovered Donald’s archive of photo negatives, rock samples and writings from the trip.

Expedition members from 1938

Milo works with photography, sound recordings and written texts. His work is landscaped-based and explores environmental narratives through an examination of histories, memories and place. His new book, The Mapping of Jan Mayen, curates memory, history, science and geography to recreate the story of Donald’s expedition to the island.  

We got in touch with Milo to tell him about our expedition, and we now have a copy of his book to take to Jan Mayen. He has also allowed us to showcase some of the photo’s from his book on this blog.

Beerenberg towering above the landscape
Jan Mayen coastline
A much needed cup of tea and pipe

Working with the School of Earth Sciences, Bristol University, Milo is hosting three events in Bristol to launch his book and exhibit the Donald Ashby collection.

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