The Journey Begins

So, we are currently driving north from Reykjavik to Husavik in Iceland to meet our captain and Integrity, and to get ready for our voyage to Jan Mayen. This trip, as with any sea voyage, is largely determined by the weather.

Our meteorologist Chris Tibbs sent a report to Will yesterday and our plans have now changed. Originally, we planned to set off for Jan Mayen on Friday 17 May, but in order to stay ahead of a NE wind, we are leaving tomorrow morning at 10 am. Plans to stop at Leirhofn have been abandoned, although we may have a chance on the return journey.

The first 40 miles of the voyage are coastal: Husavik to Leirhofn

This means we have the rest of today for final stowage, drills and checks, before an early supper and a good night’s sleep.

Jan Mayen is 360 miles from Husavik and averaging 5 knots per hour, we will be able to cover 120 miles per day. We should reach Jan Mayen later on Friday. The forecasted winds also mean we have changed our destination from Kvalrossbukta on the north of the island to Batvika on the south coast. This does have the benefit of being closer to the Norwegian military base.

Batvika meaning Boat Cove

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