Friends and Supporters

Redefining the art of the possible is how adventures are born. We are hugely grateful to our friends and supporters who have encouraged and enabled us in this endeavour. These are the people and businesses we admire. Who have donated their time, their products and their own passions to help us.

Gloverall were the first onboard and have donated some of their fabulous fisherman and submariner jumpers for our Jan Mayen voyage. As Paul would say, “they’re the badger’s bollocks…” and we couldn’t be happier with our new super-warm and dashing jumpers.

When Justin first saw Jon Jackson’s artwork for the Greenland Fishery Project logo, we were immediately drawn to find out more about it. Jon is a historian, artisan and conservationist who cares deeply about the plight of whales. His hand-made leather whales serve to remind us of just how beautiful and endangered these magnificent creatures are. The sketch on the home page is courtesy of Jon and we are most grateful for his generous support.