Integrity Cutter

Designed and built by Will Stirling, Integrity is a 43′ long cutter based on the straight-stemmed gentlemen’s Victorian yacht design of 1880. Inspired as a cruising racer, she was built for adventure and won the Classic Boat prize for a new build over 40ft in 2013.

Following various voyages in smaller and older boats, Will’s inspiration for Integrity was expedition sailing. Meticulous research, uncompromising selection of materials, and built to Stirling and Son’s recognised and exacting standards of traditional boat building workmanship, Integrity is a unique plank and edge cutter. Her final preparation was a full copper sheathing of the underwater hull.

Integrity Keel
Copper sheathing

In 2018 Integrity sailed from Plymouth to Northern Iceland. These adventures to the Scilly Isles, up the West Coast of Ireland, through the Hebrides and Faroes and along the East Coast of Iceland have been distilled into memories of humour and friendship, surrounded by natural beauty.

Integrity is currently wintering in the ice free harbour of Husavik in preparation for a series of adventures to Jan Mayen and East Greenland Sea in 2019. These voyages are a natural development of traditional boat building and high latitude sailing. The primary goal is to practice good seamanship in a well found vessel, and to react in time and proportionately to the weather within an essentially consequential environment. The wider purpose of the voyages is to see wilderness as a result of our own endeavour; to rise to challenges as they present themselves and overcome obstacles to feel capable and satisfied.

The first voyage in 2019 is bound for Jan Mayen where a climbing team will attempt to summit the volcano whilst the cutter’s reduced crew maintain a safe anchor watch and at all times are prepared to put to sea should the weather blow onshore.

Jan Mayen seems an irresistible challenge: a small island in the Arctic Ocean with no safe anchorages on which there is an active volcano with glaciated slopes and in classic cone form.

The crew training in Norway for Beerenberg climb

In the summer of 2019 Integrity will sail from Northern Iceland to East Greenland with the aim of entering Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord in the world. Presuming the ice can be negotiated an attempt will be made to circumnavigate an island within the fjord system called Milne Land. Three walking routes have been identified that will be undertaken if the sea ice conditions are appropriate.

In the late summer of 2019 Integrity will once again set off from Iceland towards East Greenland with the aim of accessing the Kangerlusuak fjord system. Should the ice permit, extraordinary geological formations and ancient Inuit sites will be visited amongst the colossal splendor of the mountainous ice fringed inlet.