The Crew

Captain Will

Mr Will Stirling Esq. British

Will is a trained shipwright and holds a commercial yacht master’s ticket. He has completed six Arctic voyages in small boats, including reaching 82 degrees North. Will designed and built Integrity, and runs Stirling &Son and Treluggan boatyards in Devon with his wife Sara.


Mr Dan Curgenven Esq.

Dan is a trained shipwright and traditional boat sailor, who works with us at Stirling and Son. Having already completed a voyage to Scoresby Sound in 2015 in heavy ice conditions, Dan was an obvious shipmate for this year’s expedition.


Mr Alasdair Flint Esq.

Alasdair is the owner of Arthur Beale Ltd, one of London’s oldest yacht chandlers. Alasdair has several Arctic voyages under his belt, and sailed single handed across the Atlantic.


Mr Dominic Gregory Esq.

Dominic is a trainee lifeboat crew on the River Thames. When not volunteering for the RNLI, he lives with his wife and daughter in England’s most south easterly house, watching the ships go by.


Mr Chris Miller Esq. British

Chris has been a sailor for most of his life from when his mother built him an Optimist dinghy after he learned to swim. Having worked on cross channel ferries and purse seine fishing for salmon in Alaska, he has recently been sailing his own cruiser out of Plymouth. Chris is an experienced delivery sailor and is a regular crew member on Integrity.

Arthur onboard Integrity

M. Arthur Hamel Esq. French

Arthur is a trained shipwright and experienced delivery sailor with a previous Arctic voyage under his belt. With an MSc in Geoarchaeology, Arthur is currently working on a project ‘Hidden Landscapes of Roman Colonisation.’ He is also a regular crew member for Integrity.

Mountain Man Paul

Mr Paul Mattin Esq. British

A former Royal Marines Officer, Paul is a qualified Mountain Leader and highly experienced expedition leader. He has skied over 1500 miles to the South Pole and founded Wilderness Solutions offering development, adventure and team building experiences for all ages and experience levels. Paul is joining the Jan Mayen voyage to lead the climb on Beerenberg volcano.


Mr Justin Holt MBE, British

Justin is also a former Royal Marines Officer who now works for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Department for International Development (DFID) as an Operational Security Advisor. Justin has over 30-years experience working in conflict-affected states and responding to rapid onset disasters. Justin joins the Jan Mayen voyage, he says, to make the tea.