The Second Voyage: Scoresby Sund

Husavik to Scoresby Sund 

Distance, Dates and Duration: 800 miles; 10 to 31 July

Aim: Sail to Scoresby Sund 

Passage Outline: 

  • Sail from Husavik to Scoresby Sund 
  • Circumnavigate Milne Land 
  • Sail from Scoresby Sund to Isafjordur 

Scoresby Sund penetrates the East Greenland coast at approximately 70 degrees North and is the largest fjord in the world. Integrity plans to sail from Husavik on approximately the 10th of July on a voyage of three weeks duration. The aim of the voyage is to enter Scoresby Sund and circumnavigate Milne Land, a large island within the fjord system.

During this circumnavigation two mountaineering routes will be attempted; one across Gaaseland and the other over the Hermelintop. The main obstacle to the aims of the voyage will be sea ice. The ice has started to break up in the fjord system but there is still a lot of heavy ice offshore which may yet prevent access to the fjord.

The first destination on leaving Husavik and safely passing the isolated rock Kolbeinsey will be Ittoquotormit. In this small settlement, we pick up a rifle and receive up to date ice forecasts.

By kind permission of travel photographer Gerald Zinnecker

Once armed and forewarned we will proceed to Hecla Havn, named after the Royal Navy’s HMS Hecla launched in 1815. From Hecla Havn we hope to take clockwise circumnavigation of Milne Land before reaching the main fjord again and exploring the NW arm of Scoresby Sund. 

As time and weather dictate we will return across the Greenland Sea to Isafjordur in the West Fjords region of Iceland where we will lay up Integrity in preparation for the third voyage in late August.